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Re: i386/92709: how do i unistall freebsd, i try writing the '0' to the hard drive and then reinstalling windows but it give me some error 9 can't load windows and i try puting ubuntu but it have me a system halt.

Gerardo Aguilar schrieb:

do you suggest that it might be a problem with the motherboard because i didn't have a conflict before i install freebsd, now ubuntu
 or windows won't install.  I bought a different hard drive it still
 won't let me boot up any of the it gives me a system halt on linux and
error in windows.

FreeBSD makes only changes to the hard disk. If I understand you correctly then you replaced the old hard disk with a new one and installed Windows on the new hard disk; the old one isn't connected anymore. In this case I suppose it is definitively not a FreeBSD fault.

By the way you can look up Windows errors and their reasons and solutions at msdn.microsoft.com. Just type the exact error message into the search field.

It might be coincidence that a hardware error occured first when you installed FreeBSD. FreeBSD doesn't do ugly tricks that could destroy your hardware or make other operating systems and even fresh installations unbootable forever.