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Re: Fix BTX to handle early kernel traps

John Baldwin wrote:

> I managed to really hose my kernel by slightly breaking an assertion in
> mtx_init() and calling panic() as a result.  The only problem is that the
> mtx_init() in question was done in init386 before the kernel IDT was setup,
> so the actual fault's that ensued ended up hitting the BTX exception handler.
> This was all nice and good except that when BTX tried to halt it wound up
> recursively page faulting on itself because the kernel had enabled paging, but
> BTX was not compiled with paging.  Furthermore, the gdt had changed out from
> under BTX, so during the exit: target I also had to reload the gdt descriptor
> register before finessing the selectors and returning to real mode.  The
> included patch does all of this and I'd like to commit it:

> [ . . . ]

> Any objections?

Fine by me.

Robert Nordier

rnordier@xxxxxxxxxxx  //  Le monde est plein de fous, et qui n'en veut pas voir
rnordier@xxxxxxxxxxx  //  Doit se tenir tout seul, et casser son miroir.

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