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RE: RBEM10/100+56k at 32-bit cardBus

On 30-May-2003 Victor Bratsev wrote:
> Greetings!
> Can anybody help me to solve this -
> I've got RBEM10/100+56k PCMCIA card and I can't get it work.
> Because my cardBus - it's 32-bit, and driver is 16-bit.
> I've got a message at startup pcmcia: 32-bit cardbus is unsupported
> and as result if_xe.ko is unloaded with strange fhdjklsah - if I try to
> kldload if_xe it says that it can't load module because it is already
> loaded, but kldstat says that there is NO if_xe loaded.
> FreeBSD is RELEASE-4.7 with custom kernel with device xe included.
> I've got little knowledge in PC-internals and haven't got experience in
> system programming so if anybody will guide me I should try to solve
> this by myself.
> And I don't want to change my laptop or pc-card:)

4.x does not support cardbus cards.  You can get better help on the
mobile@ mailing list for laptop-related questions.


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