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How to use Int 13 while BSD is running


	I'm investigating what resources are out there for accessing bios
addressable devices while BSD is up and running. The situation is this,
currently we licenses Caldera DOS for a program we wrote which uses the
int13 extensions to manipulate the systems hard drive (i.e. to recover
partition tables and what not). This forces our application to be written in
16 bit mode, but it does allows us to not have to worry about loading any
driver which would be hardware specific to access the hard drive. Is there
any way to write a driver for BSD which would put the processor into real
mode, therefore allowing us to use the int 13 api of the bios to read and
write hard drives? That way we could package a stripped down BSD kernel
which loaded our driver and gave our application access to hard disks
without having to load any device driver.

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong mailing list,


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