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5.4 RC2 PAE unstable?

PAE is unstable for me with 8GB of RAM.
Also, device arcmsr does not compile with PAE.

The test is to loop on "make buildworld;make clean". The system seems to reboot within an hour or so.

Testbed is a Tyan K8W S2885 with two Opteron 246 CPUs (but no SMP kernel) and 8 GB of RAM. Disk controller is the onboard serial-ATA controller. NIC is an Intel em(3) PCI-X card.

The hardware seems to work fine with the amd64 port. It does the same test loop for at least a day without incident.

5.4 RC2 was installed from a CD with "config PAE" using the shipped PAE file with a line "nodevice arcmsr" added at the end.