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networking question

I'm not sure this is the best list to send this to, so
if there's some other list I should send this to let
me know.

I've got a system running FreeBSD 5.4 that I have
gotten to do NAT for my windows box, everything was
working fine and all, but, I wanted to do the NAT with
a different box  so as I didn't have to have the first
box up all the time in order to have the net on my
windows box.  So, I aquired another PCI ethernet NIC,
and then set up another computer running FreeBSD 5.4
and got it all set up but, for some reason NAT will
not work.
I've also tried doing this with the previous system as
the NAT machine, but for some reason it seems with 3
ethernet cards it doesn't work.

I have, regardless of the computer doing NAT, the
following config-
The ethernet card fxp0 connected to my broadband
router, set for DHCP.
The ethernet card dc0 connected to my windows box, set
for ethernet address
The ethernet card rl0 connetcted to the second FreeBSD
box, set for ethernet address
Ive set the subnet mask on the last two cards to

The windows box is set for ethernet address
and default router of
The second FreeBSD box is set for ethernet address of and default router of

my firewall rules look like this:

add divert natd all from any to any via fxp0
add allow all from any to any

Which worked fine with only one computer connected to
the NAT machine.

Thanx much,
LT Cornell


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