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Re: 6.0 and Apple's Intel Developer Platform

On Monday 09 January 2006 12:37 pm, JK wrote:
> I'm trying to boot the Freebsd 6.0 CD1 on Apple's Intel Developer
> platform but the USB keyboard is not recognized.  I've fiddled with
> all the BIOS options I dare.  The video output (in clunky text mode)
> is working okay and I'd like to try an install.
> Can I get the USB keyboard working with the released 6.0 CD?  There is
> no PS/2 connector(s) on this system.

I'd just wait for a real Mactel box personally. :)  You can get the USB 
keyboard working with the right set of hints I think, but I haven't played 
with it in a while.  You can try asking on stable@ or questions@ about 
installing with a USB keyboard to reach a wider audience.

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