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Re: ia64 contribution

Am Tue, 31 Jan 2006 01:47:16 +0800
schrieb "arvind dalvi" <arvind_dalvi@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

[fullquote for the readers of ia64@]

> hi,
> i am arvind dalvi from india.
> i would like to contribute to the ia64 port of the freebsd operating system.
> although, i have not written an operating system before, nor have contributed to any, and hence, lack the practical kernel programming experience.
> but recently, i have been reading material on ia64 architecture and would like to contribute to freebsd and hope with few of my efforts along with the other developers can make freebsd as one of the best ia64 operating systems.
> by skills, i have been programming in c & visual basic for quite a few years now, but always had an inclination to program at the system level.
> could you please let me know if i can help the freebsd community with my programming skills.

There are many ways to contribute. If you want to handle ia64 specific
things, I suggest to hang out on the ia64 mailinglist (CCed) and try to
find something you can do (or ask them what to do).

Or you can have a look at the port-build logs at
http://pointyhat.freebsd.org/ and find ports which are broken on ia64
and fix them.

Another possibility would be to just pick one of the generic items on
the ideas list and try to implement it. This isn't specific to ia64
then, but it can also be used there.


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