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> > I see little advantage to have text, data/heap and stack be
> > seperate regions, other than a nice side-effect while debugging
> > (it's easy to see what an address references). The possibility
> > of either of those segments taking up more than, say, 48 bits
> > is very small ATM, although it's possible that I'm stuck in the
> > a-couple-of-megabytes-is-large mindset and thus underestimate
> > a typical "large" application.
> A truly 'large' application can always overflow into the other regions.

The question is if this can be done automagically or if it requires
compile-time options or even ELF object tuning (ie flags).

> > I'll double-check the various ia64 conventions tomorrow to see
> > how the above fits in.

I have found no incompatibilities. The use of regions has been
abstracted correctly. It's documented that segments are allowed
to span regions (ie cross region boundaries). Multiple RRs may
point to the same region as well.


 Marcel Moolenaar	  USPA: A-39004		 marcel@xxxxxxxxxx

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