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Re: route selection and ipfw forwarding

On Monday 02 January 2006 11:12, G Bryant wrote:
> I used the different groups (e.g. $u512k) to split the internal IP range
> into IP groups that get different bandwidth according to personal
> preference or whatever.
> Currently it is not being used as the whole range is being covered by
> the $u256k group.  i.e. I gave everyone 256k bandwidth.
> So yes - those rules are currently senseless.

none of your bw rules are having any effect because the related IPs do not 
exist on you external/outside interface of the server

you divert them so any of the internal IP is reperesented by the IP of the 
natd IF/address (outside IP)

so if you do bw control for inside IPs you must do it on the inside interface


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