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Current problem reports assigned to you

Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems
Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2003/04/22] kern/51274  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] ipfw2 create dynamic rules
f [2003/04/24] kern/51341  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] ipfw rule 'deny icmp from 
o [2004/03/03] kern/63724  ipfw        [ipfw] IPFW2 Queues dont t work
o [2004/11/13] kern/73910  ipfw        [ipfw] serious bug on forwarding of packe
o [2004/11/19] kern/74104  ipfw        [ipfw] ipfw2/1 conflict not detected or r
o [2005/03/13] conf/78762  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] /etc/rc.d/ipfw should exce
o [2005/05/11] bin/80913   ipfw        [patch] /sbin/ipfw2 silently discards MAC
o [2005/11/08] kern/88659  ipfw        [modules] ipfw and ip6fw do not work prop
o [2005/11/08] kern/88664  ipfw        [ipfw] ipfw stateful firewalling broken w

9 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
a [2001/04/13] kern/26534  ipfw        [ipfw] Add an option to ipfw to log gid/u
o [2002/12/10] kern/46159  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] ipfw dynamic rules lifetim
o [2003/02/11] kern/48172  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] ipfw does not log size and
o [2003/03/10] kern/49086  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] Make ipfw2 log to differen
o [2003/04/09] bin/50749   ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] ipfw2 incorrectly parses p
o [2003/08/26] kern/55984  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] time based firewalling sup
o [2003/12/30] kern/60719  ipfw        [ipfw] Headerless fragments generate cryp
o [2004/08/03] kern/69963  ipfw        [ipfw] install_state warning about alread
o [2004/09/04] kern/71366  ipfw        [ipfw] "ipfw fwd" sometimes rewrites dest
o [2004/10/22] kern/72987  ipfw        [ipfw] ipfw/dummynet pipe/queue 'queue [B
o [2004/10/29] kern/73276  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] ipfw2 vulnerability (parse
o [2005/02/01] kern/76971  ipfw        [ipfw] ipfw antispoof incorrectly blocks 
o [2005/03/13] bin/78785   ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] ipfw verbosity locks machi
o [2005/05/05] kern/80642  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] ipfw small patch - new RUL
o [2005/06/28] kern/82724  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] Add setnexthop and default
o [2005/10/05] kern/86957  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] ipfw mac logging
o [2005/10/07] kern/87032  ipfw        [ipfw] [patch] ipfw ioctl interface imple
o [2006/01/03] bin/91245   ipfw        [patch] ipfw(8) sometimes treat ipv6 inpu

18 problems total.