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  American Share Insurance Corporation ,USA

Title		: Premium Payment System
From		: Mar 2000 to May 2000 
Role		: 
	· Developed the Bean component and deployed these beans in the EJB 
Environment   using Weblogic Server
	· Documentation
Project Details:
Designed and developed a system, which takes care of the companies 
that, pays their premium under a Credit Union. The system uses the WebLogic  
App. Server to deploy all the Business Logic. 
All the Client interactions are made through the JSP pages. The request 
from the Client is routed to the App. Server and the corresponding EJB 
is trigged and these EJBs  take care of all the 
interactions with the database. I participated in developing the 
Enterprise Java Bean components and also deployed these beans in the EJB 
Environment. Developed the Bean and deployed these beans 
in the EJB Environment using Weblogic  server
Environment	: JDK 1.2, WebLogic Server 4.5.1, DB2, Win NT 
Highlights	:
·	Developed EJB  component 
·	JSP used to develop User Interface 

Stefnik Infotech Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Title		: Intranet Servlet Based System
From		: Jan 2000 to Apr 2000
Role		: 
	· Developed the classes for UI  and Database design 
	· Documentation 
Project Details:
The  Intranet  Servlet  based system comprises of several components 
for activates such as Timesheet maintenance ,Project Management & Bug 
tracking. This system enables user to log ,view their 
daily activity like creation ,updation  and preparation of activity and 
projects status reports. This is mainly used to maintain day-to day 
activities of each employee. This system helps to elevate 
the employee performance.
Environment	:   JDK1.2, MS-Access  
Highlights	:
·	Java AWT and Swing component  used  for UI
·	Microsoft  Access is used for data loading

Stefnik Infotech Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Title		: FTP Administrator 
From		: Oct 1999  to Jan 2000
Role		: 
	· Developed the Classes for UI and Server side part.
	· Documentation
Project Details:
FTP Administrator is responsible for setting up file transfer protocol 
Administrator Interface with JDK. This was done as a part of Internet 
development process at STEFNIK InfoTech(p)Ltd,. FTP Administrator 
mainly help in configuration the FTP Server with regard to number of 
users, the time limit the server can wait for a client displaying default 
directories etc. That is , this frame is used for defining the 
·	Total number of user who can use FTP at the same time.
·	Existing home directory for the client to access.
·	The idle time allowed for a user i.e. Time period existing between 
operation .To allow users to login with user name as anonymous.
Every time a user enters here, his previously entered details are 
referred and then shown accordingly for further change. 
Environment	:   JDK1.1, MS-Access  
Highlights	:
·	Java AWT component  used  for UI
·	Socket programming used for communication 

Stefnik Infotech Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Title		: Registration System for Dishnet  Internet  Connection  
From		: Jun 1999  to Agst 1999	
Role		: 
	· Developed the Classes and Database design 
	· Documentation
Project Details:
This System enables the users to register as a new user for the ETH 
internet service. After the registration  
process the user is given a customer details from entering their 
details. The user can select the payment from the mode of payment. 
Deepens on the   internet connection type they will get the payment 
structure . After the registration ,user can get  Domain Name Service 
Future payment and details can be handled   based on the DNS. The 
database handled using  MS-Access.
Environment	:   JDK1.1, MS-Access  
Highlights	:
·	Java AWT component  used  for UI
·	Microsoft  SQL is used for data loading

Sarada Software Systems, Coimbatore

Title		: Personal Information System - Sep 1998  to Dec 1998
From		: Sep 1998  to Dec 1998
Role		: 
	· Developed the  UI part 
	· Data base design 
Project Details:
This system was developed to automate the personal department of sarada 
software System. PIS includes the following component that are load, 
leave, permission, attendance  and Pay.
When an employee joins  the company ,the personal and official 
information about that employee are maintained. Every employee belongs to a 
particular category and department. Leave ,Loan  
and permission setup are maintained for each category. Leave module 
maintain s the information about the leaves taken by an employee. If a 
employee wants to take leave for more than   the maximum number
of days allotted to him, he can take a loss of pay. Daily attendance is 
also maintained. Pay is also set for an employee and employee pay slip 
is generated for each month. All the required  reports
are taken using crystal reports.
Environment	:   Visual Basic5.0, Oracle 7.1

Highlights	:
·	Visual Basic ActiveX component  used 
·	Oracle 7.1 used for data loading

Crystal Automation Ltd, Coimbatore

Title		: Tourism Development Services 
From		: Jan 1998 to July 1998	
Role		: 
	· Developed the Classes for Applet creation and  image processing 
	· Documentation
Project Details:
This system is being used to develop the tourism services for TamilNadu 
tourism department. This software records all the tourist spots in 
TamilNadu.This system can be very useful to 
identifying the location of the spots, route map details of that 
particular place, accessibility, accommodation facility and guide line of 
that place. This system also includes the image 
processing of the place. The Image processing can be handled by using 
the option called virtual visit. This process also includes cropping, 
filtering, zooming, coloring and animation facility.
Using HTML the documentation more useful about the particular place. 
Online help is very useful for new comers .This site is update between 
particular time will show the tourist spot availability currently. 
Environment	:   JDK1.1, MS-Access  
Highlights	:
·	Java Applet programming and Image Processing   
·	Microsoft  SQL is used for data loading


·	Master of Computer Applications(1995-1998), Bharathiar University, 
Coimbatore, India.
·	Bachelor of Science (Physics)(1992-1995), Bharathiar University, 
Coimbatore, India.

Father?s Name		: M.Krishnasamy
Date Of Birth		: 23 - 05 - 1974
Sex			: Male
Marital Status 		: Single
Nationality		: Indian 
Address for
Communication 		: 26/1,Hospital Road, Kannamapet,
Visa status 		: H1B Visa (US)valid up to  Sep2003


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