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   audio/mpeg;/home/olli/bin/mp3-play %s
   audio/x-mpegurl;/home/olli/bin/m3u-play %s

mp3-play and m3u-play are wrapper scripts that open an
iconified xterm with mpg123 in it, with the proper options
etc., let me know if you're interested in details.
Basically, mp3-play looks like this (simplified):

   #!/bin/sh -
   exec xterm -iconic -e mpg123 -b2000 "$@"

Some (old) servers return audio/x-mpeg instead of audio/mpeg,
so you could add another line for that type.


Oliver Fromme, Leibnizstr. 18/61, 38678 Clausthal, Germany
(Info: finger userinfo:olli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

"In jedem Stück Kohle wartet ein Diamant auf seine Geburt"
                                         (Terry Pratchett)

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