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[no subject]

Anyone heard anything definite about NVidia's drivers being pulled into
XFree86 4.0?

As I'm limited to PCI, I'm most interested in:

   - NVidia TNT, and
   - Voodoo3

3D boards.  In MSWindows reviews, Voodoo3 sounds like the fastest PCI
performer.  And it appears that Voodoo3 "may" be supported in XFree86:


(glide is listed).  But I've not heard from someone who has a Voodoo3
working with an XFree86 4.0 pre-release, to what extent it is functional,
and how much of the driver source code is freely available (to factor in
long-term support).

Anyone have a Voodoo3 working in 2D/3D with XFree86?



TNT/TNT2 GLX links:
   Jordon:  http://www.freebsdzine.org/199907/features/tnt.html 
   and:     http://glx.on.openprojects.net/faq.html

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