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> Q3 is a Linux binary so it requires Linux libraries. I had Q3 running
> with old GLX and linux libs I pulled from a .deb package, but the newer
> GLX code would crash when I ran Q3. 

In your running q3, is the glx module used a Linux or a native FreeBSD 
binary? Same question for the X Server - Linux or native?

> The key was to update the Linux libs. Linux user Ralph Giles sent me 
> the libs from his system. 

Are these any different from the libraries which are installed by

> Q3 Settings:
> Graphics options: custom / default / on / 640x480 / default / on /
> vertex / high / medium-low / default / bilinear
> Game options: Marks on walls, Ejecting brass, Itentify target, High
> quality sky, Sync every frame.

I downloaded the 50megs of q3td, hope to post my results soon!


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