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3d hw accel on intel i810 ... the never ending story

I have a couple of notebook with intel graphic card which use the i810
X driver (i855GM and i915GM). There was a thread sometime ago in -stable
where we discuss howto make the new i915 drm kernel module to work.

There was a lot of confusion about this new kernel module, because it
seems that the combination of different things (xorg, xorg-snap,
dri-devel and so on) led to different results (often bad results :-).

Now is arrived xorg 6.9.0 which have, at least, simplified the
situation. What was used to work before:
- xorg 6.8.2 --> updated to 6.9.0
- a drm patch found here:
- dri-devel

doesn't work anymore.

Now I ask a thing before I am driving crazy. Is there someone that is
succesfully using the i915drm kernel module, i.e :

device          agp
device          drm
device          i915drm

and is able to have opengl accel working ? Can someone suggest a
working configuration ? The intel chipset is so widely spread now that
is not possible to think that this module doesn't work in any way ?



Best Regards,
Gianmarco Giovannelli