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Re: Fixing ISA device probing

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, John Baldwin wrote:
> Currently we have several types of ISA devices:
> - Devices enumerated by the BIOS.  Currently we have two types: those
>   enumerated by ACPI and those by the PNPBIOS.  These two sets are
>   mutually exclusive.
> - PnP ISA devices.
> - ISA devices that only the user can tell us about (currently they can
>   use hints to tell us).

We can also have devices that perform their own enumerated either by
probing a list of possible IO addresses and retreiving their config from
the card directly ('ex') or by performing a probe using an isolation
protocol similar ISA PnP ('ep').

I won't get into destructive vs. non-destructive probes.

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