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ISA bus notes

If the system has ACPI:
	attach acpi_isabus
else if the system has pnpbios
	attach pnpbios_isabus
	attach isabus

Then call the attached isa bus' attach routine.  If appropriate,
enumerate devices from the enumeration source.  For acpi and pnpbios,
lists of devices come from those enumeration sources.  Since this
information contains other information (such as IRQ, IOPORT, MEMORY,
etc), these resources can be set on the children that are added.  Then
call the generic attach routine.  The common code will then call any
of the children's drivers identify routines, as it does now.  The PnP
ISA devices would then be added.  Hints would then be added to the
mix.  If a given 'hint ball' matches to a device (with the above set
resources), that device would be hard wired to that unit.  Otherwise a
new child is added.  After all this enumeration happens, then the pnp
isa devices are disabled.  The children are then probed in the proper
order (sensitive devices, then normal devices).  PnP ISA devices are
then re-enabled and the probe routines for them are called.

I don't where winter's stuff fits into this...  I've not done the
research here to know for sure.

Other than that, I think that we're going to be in good shape without
hints on all but the most primitive machines (and lucky me, I have two
of these beasties still in service or hot-standby).

This is a bit of a re-hash of John's post, but I wanted to make sure
that it was all summarized to make sure that we're not missing some
step or anything.

Look good?


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