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Bus error message on a mount

i have a strange issue with a new installation:

i can't mount my floppy disk and my Win98 hard disk.

i tape: # mount -t msdos /dev/ad0s1 /hdibm
or: # mount -t msdos /dev/fd0.1440 /floppy
(or with ad0c, fd0c, ...)

and i get "Bus error" and a core file.

my bootable Win98 disk (only 1 partition - FAT32, 12.6 Go) is
connected in master to the primary IDE.
my floppy is a classic 1.44 Mo.

of course i have the 2 special files in /dev, and i created the mount
i have access to these disks with fsck_msdosfs or disklabel.

for example i followed all the procedure to format and mount a
new MSDOS floppy disk but i always have this error.

i lowered to the default settings in my BIOS -> no result; same error.

i haven't these problems with my CDROM and my bootable FreeBSD

for information i can get the same error when i try to mount one of
my FreeBSD partition as a MSDOS partition
( # mount -t msdos /dev/ad3s1g /tmp ).

(i'm under FreeBSD 4.7 RELEASE)

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