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Re: Horrible PostgreSQL performance with NFS

On 1/13/06, Claus Guttesen <kometen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > A couple of days ago I've moved our production database from local
> > disks to NetAPP filer serving NFS. Performance for this server dropped
> > by factor of 10 if not more. From a happy 10% load, the server hit the
> > ceiling and sees load of 100% all the time with runqueue above 30. The
> >
> > I can provide postgresql config. Sysctl knobs remain untouched not
> > counting basic NFS tweaking. For mount_nfs I tried to change NFS
> > buffer sizes -r -w. I also tried the -L option to keep the lock
> > traffic local. On the postgres side, setting fsync = off in
> > postgresql.conf. It didn't change a thing.
> Did you try tcp?

Yep. Same thing.

Sławek Żak / UNIX Systems Administrator