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Re: mysql performance tuning @ FreeBSD6

Joao Barros wrote:

On 1/26/06, Mike Jakubik <mikej@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Rich Murphey wrote:
I'm curious whether Robert's patch might have an
effect on samba3 performance as well.
No real difference here, tried ACPI-fast, i8254, and TSC. :( My
transfers still average at 10MB/s (although it did peak at 20MB/s once)
Which is really horrible for a em gigabit link with jumbo frames
enabled. The performance of Samba on FreeBSD just stinks, for unknown

No real difference here too...

I started a thread on that subject not long ago and following Robert's
tip setting net.inet.tcp.inflight.enable=0 yielded better results.

Joao Barros
With the new TCP/IP stack replacement and major updates to the em driver in FreeBSD -current this should all turn around. I believe I saw a cvs commit for em a little while ago saying the new em driver can achieve higher transfer rates then using em with polling enabled.
Hopefully this stuff will make it into 6.1-Release