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Re: A question about S/390 port

It sounds like a tty driver problem.

Does the emulator even support this?

Do you have a package, so that people can install your developement
environment and use your patches so they can participate in helping
you code?

-- Terry

Serguei Tzukanov wrote:
> Some working notes.
> I've written the libc/csu part, kernel successfully starts init and init
> forks off for the execve of -sh,
> (http://tzukanov.narod.ru/freebsd390/bootlog.txt)
> but there is problem with printing from userland, e.g. output from
> userland are not visible. Write syscall to descs 1,2 in init returns
> with success.
> I'm sure it's something very stupid, so maybe someone have a clue?
> And another problem (well-known?):
> __syscall returns 64-bit value but mmap returns 4-byte word in the
> td->td_retval[0]. Wrapper for mmap in libc casts 64 rv to 32 and alays
> gets zero. This leads to truncating to zero due to cast on 32-bit
> big-endian architectures.
> The solution is obvious - using constructs like
> td->td_retval[_QUAD_LOWWORD] = xxx in MI code.
> For now I just avoid it with hack in syscall handler.
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