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Possible Fraud Victim

To Internet Shopper/Possible Fraud Victim

Do you buy stuff over the ?Net?  Do you ever get to see the merchant face
to face? Than how 
do you know that he is really going to deliver what he promised?  
Internet Fraud is a growing 
problem; in fact in 1999 Internet fraud costs victims more than 8 million
dollars on ebay alone.  

Doesn?t PayPal, or Billpoint protect me?
No, more and more internet fraud is committed through PayPal and Billpoint
than by any other 
means.  The reason for this is convince, and speed.

How can I stop Internet Fraud?
Escrow Services are the best method to stop internet fraud; this allows
buyers to receive 
merchandise before sellers are paid.  This also allows sellers to know
that there funds are good 
and safely stored.

What Escrow Service is recommended?
GuZooEscrow.com is the most recommended service; it is fast, cheep, and

What is Online Escrow Services?
Many people think that Online Escrow is only for buying homes, this is
incorrect Online Escrow 
Services like GuZooEscrow.com are designed for online purchases.  Online
Escrow is a trusted 
third party (GuZooEscrow.com) holds the money while the product is
changing hands.  These 
are the steps that Online Escrow Services use to complete there

Step 1: Buyer Contacts GuZooEscrow.com
Step 2: GuZooEscrow.com confirms that the seller will accept Escrow
Step 3: Buyer Pays GuZooEscrow.com by Credit Card or Official Check
Step 4: Seller Ships merchandise to Buyer
Step 5: Buyer Receives merchandise
Step 6: GuZooEscrow.com pays Seller

These 6 Steps have saved Auction shoppers millions of dollars. 
GuZooEscrow is a service 
much like PayPal, the difference is GuZooEscrow is fully secure, and
offers award winning 
Customer Service.

Can GuZooEscrow.com be used for anything other than Auctions?
GuZooEscrow can be used for any transaction big or small.

Help Stop Internet Fraud, Use GuZooEscrow.com for your Internet

GuZooEscrow.com <http://www.guzooescrow.com>

You can calculate your fees at <http://www.guzooescrow.com/escrow/fees> 

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