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Your eMail to Gibson Research Corp. was intercepted by GRC Security.

Your eMail to Gibson Research Corp. was intercepted by GRC Security.

The eMail you recently sent to GRC was intercepted by our eMail filters.

It was immediately deleted and *NOT* delivered to its intended recipient.

The most common cause for this is the inclusion of an executable file
attachment of the sort often propagated by eMail viruses. Because these
are often dangerous, large, and unintentional, we do not accept such eMail.

If you wish to send us one or more executable files, please encapsulate
them in a .ZIP archive and send that.  ZIP files are execution-safe and
will be permitted through our incoming eMail security.

If you did *NOT* recently send us eMail containing an executable file,
either your return address was "spoofed" and forged in the eMail we
received -- thus leading us to believe that the eMail was from you --
or your personal computer may be infected with some form of Mail virus
which is sending out viral eMail to everyone in your address book. Please
be sure to keep your anti-virus and anti-Trojan data files up to date.

The eMail we received, apparently from you, had the subject of:
Re: letter

It was addressed to: steve@xxxxxxx


GRC Automated Security.