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We need to start our X-sessions by chooser - so I start first xdm
in /etc/rc.local, then I start X-server permanently after starting xdm
in /etc/rc.local.
When starting the Xserver by xdm/Xservers, X resets lot of times itself
(on the faulty machine) and then offers a chooser - and all virtual
terminals are accessible as described (Alt-Ctrl-Fxx). It seems to make
difference how xdm and X are started. I never had success in starting xdm
via an entry in /etc/ttys and starting X via xdm/Xservers.

The idea of our configuration is keeping the local machine accessible by
X over chooser - so I need a xdm and X server.

But this is actualy not the severe problem. It seems that especially this machine
or FreeBSD in general has problems, with respect to other systems I focus the
problem of the combination X,FBSD, AMD K7 and ASUS A7V with ATA devices. Another
system without X and ATA (SCSI/160 instead) works great.

:>Have you changed /etc/ttys?  Can you post your /etc/ttys?
:>X does not attach to the highest-numbered virtual console; it attaches
:>to the first one that is allocated to it, that is, the first one that
:>was free at the time X was started.  If you have no getty processes
:>running for virtual consoles (if you have disabled them in /etc/ttys,
:>or if your /usr/libexec/getty fails to start), and xdm is configured
:>to run on the first virtual console, then the described behavior
:>would be normal.
:>What would this sentence be like if it weren't self-referential?
:>On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 12:03:20AM +0200, Hartmann, O. wrote:
:>> Dear Sirs.
:>> Since we moved up to XFree 4.1.0 I run into a problem on one of our workstations.
:>> The machine is driven by an AMD K7 800 with an ASUS K7V mainboard, 256 MB RAM
:>> and an ATA drive from IBM DTLA 307030.
:>> We use more systems like that around here and all seem to have problems with
:>> ATA - but not directly with the HDD, even with other subsystems which do not
:>> appear on systems with SCSI.
:>> On this specific system we configured several virtual consoles - which could not
:>> be accessed (while on other systems with the identical kernel we can switch
:>> from the X11 system by ALT-FX to a console and back by pressing the highest
:>> available FX-key representing the highest configured virt. console. That works
:>> proper, without any harm.
:>> On this 'sick' machine this does not work - but this phenomenon occured since
:>> we have this machine. I can only use the first console - but this is occupied by
:>> X Server. This machine is only willing to shutdown by using -o option with shutdown,
:>> without, nothing happens ...
:>> Well, now to my specific problem:
:>> We use fvwm2 2.2.5 on this machine. xdm is running, X server is started by
:>> /etc/rc.local staticaly and connect via indirect query to an chooser delivering
:>> XDMCP host. That worked in the past with XFree86 4.0.3 properly.
:>> Now X server dies when someone exits ist session and the system is only reactivateable
:>> by a reboot due nobody can access the console (or we start X by network access via
:>> ssh or telnet, that works fine). Does anyone has any kind of glue, hint or tip?

O. Hartmann

IT-Administration des Institut fuer Physik der Atmosphaere (IPA)
Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz
Becherweg 21
55099 Mainz

Tel: +496131/3924662 (Maschinensaal)
Tel: +496131/3924144
FAX: +496131/3923532

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