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[no subject]

> my opinion is that we don't have to jump to something which works in
> one
> case and fails in all others. if that happen, it is preferable to
> stay as is until
> everything work fine w/ the new things. this has a name, QUALITY and
> doing things the way "you" made it is the wrong way. it is a real
> pain
> to not have -current, -stable and -release port tree to avoid such
> problems.

It can be a pain, but we cannot blame that for not making progress.  
Most important things work under linux_base-7.  I only have one 
report that someone can't get staroffice to work under linux_base-7.  
Where are all these problems  you are talking about.  I can't fix 
them if I don't have details.

David W. Chapman Jr.
dwcjr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx	Raintree Network Services, Inc. <www.inethouston.net>
dwcjr@xxxxxxxxxxx	FreeBSD Committer <www.FreeBSD.org>

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