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> I hope PSGML implements the XML catalog parser. ;)

So do I, but right now it doesn't. Neither does NSGMLS, as far as I
know. Both are pretty usefull for working with XML documents.

> Just a thought for coexistence:
>   share/xml/catalog.xml  (XML catalog)
>   share/xml/catalog      (SGML catalog)

I think that would be the best solution, so that software expecting
either format works. I remeber a thread about libxml expecting an XML
catalog at share/xml/catalog by default, so if one cannot easily
convince it to look at catalog.xml instead, it might be better to
choose different names. Also, I'd say for consitency we should put
both kinds of catalogs in share/xsl and even share/sgml, too.

> > On a more practical note, given that I didn't notice any changes for
> > mkcatalog, how am I supposed to add DTDs that go in share/xml/* to the
> > catalog? Is there a replacement for mkcatalog, or are there new
> > options I didn't recognize?
> I don't know any alternatives to mkcatalog.
> See textproc/scrollkeeper/pkg-install

Hm, this implies a BUILD_DEPENDS on libxml.

If I recall correctly, in the previous thread I mentioned above,
someone talked about implementing a stand-alone tool to update XML
catalogs, that would be quite a nice thing, IMHO.

Isn't mkcatalog under control of the ports team anyway? Could we
perhaps modify it to include the neccessary call to libxmls
xmlcatalog, later maybe the new tool, so a) nothing changes for ports
that use mkcatalog now, b) it would be easier to update the catalogs
for new ports, and c) we could switch between xmlcatalog and the new
tool without breaking stuff when it's ready?


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