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RELENG_6 on ProLiant ML 370

Hi all

I'm thinking of buying a ProLiant ML 370 
to work as a Samba fileserver.

If I get the box with a Smart Array 642 SCSI controller
it will cost a lot more than a version with the 
"6-port SATA controller", whatever this controller's
chipset is or whether it can work two separate volumes
in two different RAID arrays.
I'd like to have the OS in a RAID 1 and the data in a RAID 5.

So my questions are:
Does anyone here run a ML370 with this 6-port SATA controller
successfully with FreeBSD?

Is there any reason, apart from obvious driver compatibility,
why I should get a SCSI equipped box?

SATA:	controller:	disk size(gb)	disk cost
	CHF 538		2 x  80		2 x 150
			4 x 250		4 x 360
Total:	1740.-

SCSI:	CHF 833		2 x  36		2 x 380
			4 x 146		4 x 730
Total:	3660.-

With SCSI I get nearly half the disk space for double the price.

If the SATA controller handles all of this transparently
it doesn't matter whether FreeBSD has a driver or not,
but since I want to set up the box once and check on it
only when there are SAs it has to be totally reliable.

Thanks in advance for any enlightening opinions