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Re: Where to get hpacucli for FreeBSD?

> http://people.freebsd.org/~jcagle/#acu
> Oh, spoke to soon: it has been removed:
> "2005/08/17 - Problems with hpacucli working on all releases. Removed 
> hpacucli for now."

Yes, indeed. I found that shortly after asking the question last night.
The file is still there in John's publict_html/ directory and the
4.1/i386 binary inside it even runs on my 6.0/amd64 system. But it
claims, there are no HP-controllers in my machine, when, in fact, all of
my 3 disks are connected to the HP Smart Array 642 (ciss0) :-(

John, can you, perhaps give an ETA for the updated utility? Any hope for
the source-code (or, if HP is paranoid, a mixed source-binary port a'la