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Re: Help with HP MSA 1500cs and DL380

Brad Miele wrote:


Recently, my company moved my storage from 4 HP MSA30 scsi shelves (2 per machine mirrored) to two HP MSA 1500cs SAN devices. I have moved the MSA30 shelves into the SAN, and also have 4 (2 per msa1500cs) MSA20 SATA shelves.

I am running into more then a few issues getting these units, particularily the MSA20s happy, HP is giving me a hard time because freebsd is not a supported OS, and i am sort of lost and looking for resources specific to this setup. I can go into further details of the issues that I am experiencing, but since this is slightly OT for this list i just thought i would throw a flag out there and see if anyone can offer advice.

my setups are two identical dl380 machines running 5.4-Stable from Aug. 4. I am using the HP OEM Qlogic 2313 fiber card which uses the isp driver. each machine is attached to a msa1500cs with 4 shelves, 2 msa20 and two msa30.

really, any tips at all about where to find resources for a setup like this would be gratefully appreciated.

The freebsd-scsi@ mailinglist is really the place you want to ask.
Don't forget to mention what OS-revision you are actually running.
Good luck getting it to work, though - FreeBSD doesn't seem to be very SAN-friendly, esp. in the HA-deppartment.