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Re: TIP: iLO remcons doesn't connect consistently

One thing to realize is that iLO is ON even if the server is powered off.
However, when you pull the power plug on the server, it will remove power to
iLO (obviously) and hence plugging it back in will, in effect, "reboot" the

Also, iLO only allows a single REMCONS session at a time.  If you have one
session running, you won't be able to start another one until the first one
is closed.

On 1/19/06, Marc G. Fournier <scrappy@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just to document this, in case others hit the situation ...
> The one 'issue' that I've had so far with the new DL360 G4p was that when
> I tried to enabled 'remcons' from an ssh connection into iLO, it wouldn't
> always give me a console ... if I unplugged the server from the wall, and
> re-plugged it in and tried then, it worked fine .. if I unplugged it yet
> again and plugged it back in again, it *might* work, it might now ...
> After some searching, I found something that *sounded* similar on HPs
> forums, where the suggested fix was to go through the web interface, under
> Network Settings, and make sure you disable the WINS stuff ...
> *So* far, each time I've unplugged/plugged it back in again, I've been
> able to successfully get a remcons through iLO ... going to try it a few
> more times before I ship it out, but *so far* things seem to be good ...
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