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Zope/Python port defaults questions


I have been using Zope on FreeBSD (x86 5.2 and 6.0) via ports for over a year now and I couldn't help but notice that the default environment is not quite Zope friendly. For example:

1. People still seem to get caught not setting HUGE_STACK_SIZE when building Python for Zope use and to a lesser extent if IPv6 is disabled in the kernel (I forget the issue, maybe a warning.)

2. Zope MemoryError as a Zope process runs out of memory because the default maximum memory per process is too small, requiring settings in loader.conf or KERNCONF like: (perhaps setting them to 1GB but NOT something close to physical memory)


3. Python seem to be suing /var/tmp over /tmp and this has made it difficult to figure out why placing larger-than-available-space-in-var files into ZODB would fail when there is plenty of space in /tmp. I am told but have not verified that the solution is to place a TMPDIR variabl in zopectl so that Python will default to it. (Reportedly it should step between available tmp dirs but this behavior did not seem to help/work.

A. Considering these pitfalls, might some of these want to be defined or offered as questions in the appropriate ports? (HUGE_STACK_SIZE is a choice but defaults to the zope-unfriendly setting) and...

B. Have I forgotten any other settings that may prevent my Zope from blowing up at night? :)

FYI, the best zope-on-freebsd page I have seen is on the Zettai help pages but they relate to their own hosting environment. (http://www.zettai.net/Support/Howto/)