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RE: marked as broken

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Skickat: den 2 februari 2006 02:09
Till: Bob Ababurko
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Ämne: Re: marked as broken

On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 04:50:37PM -0800, Bob Ababurko wrote:
> I am running 5.4 release and have come across a port that has been
> marked as broken.  The port is  pear-Archive_Tar-1.3.1 and I am >
wondering what I can do to get past this short of updating my  whole
> ports tree....which I am afraid of doing since this is a production
> machine....and because I dont have much experience doing it either.
> > ===>  pear-Archive_Tar-1.3.1 is marked as broken: Incomplete pkg-plist.

It means that if you were to install this port, it would not clean
itself up properly when you removed it again later.  If you don't
care about this, you can set the TRYBROKEN variable.


Have you updated you portstree Bob ?

From /usr/ports/UPDATING

 AFFECTS: users of pear ports
 AUTHOR: ale@xxxxxxxxxxx

 A few old pear ports have been removed from the tree in favor of a
 single devel/pear port.  If portupgrade complains about missing ports,
 you may safely remove pear-XML_RPC, pear-Console_Getopt, pear-Archive_Tar
 and php[45]-pear and then run:

 portupgrade -o devel/pear -f pear-PEAR