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Re: portupgrade xorg-* -> mouse-wheel stops working under X

Ewald Jenisch wrote:
On Fri, Jan 27, 2006 at 10:11:44AM -0500, George Fazio wrote:
I had the same issue. My mouse wheel stopped working, and imwheel started
using it for my broswer back/forward (instead of the buttons it's suppose to
use). I was able to get the mouse wheel working again by editing my
xorg.conf file, but I'm still having issues with imwheel which seem to stem
from xmodmap saying my mouse should have 11 buttons and not 7 (which worked
prior to the upgrade).

Hi George,

Sorry for getting back so late, but I've been away from any email for
the past days.

In short - it worked using your setup. Interestingly that you have to
disable moused in order to get the mouse fully working under X. Even
more interesting that nobody else seems to have stumbled across this

Not exactly, at least not for me.
I experienced the same problem, but I'm still using moused. I only had to remove
moused_flags="-z 4 5" #may not have been exactly so, I'm going by heart
from /etc/rc.conf.

Hope it helps.