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FYI [Fwd: RTMX donated to OpenBSD ??]


I always wondered what happened, so I asked, and I got an answer. Just
so that people don't start sending email to them...I asked if they
could make the code available for FreeBSD but I received no answer. 
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I attempted that, it was never integrated into the tree.
At the time this happened, the tree had (mostly) been advanced to the
model - and those ports we had done were still only using the VM model.

There are several good folks who have the source, and were working on
it for possible integration into -current.  I have no direct knowledge
who, or what progress has been made.

Now, we (those of us who make up the virtual company called RTMX) are
in fact doing some additional engineering - and - will again release an
extended version of OpenBSD. It will be for commercial release,
and upgradable through our channels.  Hopefully this could fit with your

project plans.

Randy Lewis

"Pedro F. Giffuni" wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been wondering what happened to the code that was donated to
> OpenBSD... I saw the announcement on your site, but I never heard of
> this functionality added to the OpenBSD tree.
> thanks in advance,
>     Pedro.

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