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     1.   A load image of the executable file is built which omits all but the
          `text' and `data' segments.  This image is compressed using gzip(1)
          and output as data in relocatable object format.

     2.   The object file is linked with a special self-hosting loader, pro-
          ducing an executable suitable for booting with either the second- or
          third-level bootstraps.

     Supported input formats are ELF and a.out ZMAGIC; the output format is
     always ELF.  Only 32-bit objects are supported.

> For #2, i was just made aware of the existence of "minigzip" which
> can be probably used when extracting most things from the /etc/ directory
> on the floppy, and then used back during the "update" phase ?
Using kgzip should get rid of the need for this.

FYI, GNAT Box is using gkzip without /boot/loader.  This approach
allowed us to cram a lot of stuff onto the GNAT Box floppy.  And
as a bonus since the binaries on MFS_ROOT are resident in memory
unzipped after booting all normal demand paging rules for text applies.

Larry Baird                             
Global Technology Associates, Inc. | Orlando, FL
Email: lab@xxxxxxx                 | TEL 407-380-0220, FAX 407-380-6080

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