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[no subject]

I'm more than happy for only one of these boxes to work at any
point in time :)

I'd consider myself an adequate (possibly competent :) programmer, but
I've never attempted to cross-compile a single line of code. However, I
should have some time in the next six months or so, since I'm on a bit
of a wind-down at work waiting for a visa so we can move countries, and
my pregnant wife is asleep for most of the time so I'm bored in the
evenings :)

In other words, if other people might be able to chip in the
occasional word of encouragement and/or advice, I'm quite happy to
trudge around doing some legwork.

This is probably a particularly naive thing to ask, but is there any
general info describing basic approaches to porting *BSD between
architectures? I've had a wander around, but I can't find anything
on the NetBSD or OpenBSD web pages.

I'll have a trawl through the alpha mailing list archives in the mean


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