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	while (q->head != tail) {
		status = q->irq[q->head];
		q->irq[q->head] = HE_REGM_ITYPE_INVALID;

would become:

	while (q->head != tail) {
		status = le32toh(q->irq[q->head]);
		q->irq[q->head] = htole32(HE_REGM_ITYPE_INVALID);

Similarly, the fields in the various descriptor structures defined in
if_hatmreg.h need to be converted (since it looks like the adapter
DMAs them to find out target addresses etc.). This would cause wrong
addresses to be used for DMA; it's not unlikely that those addresses
would be outside of the target address space of the host bridge, so
they could be interpreted as writes to other PCI devices (or cause bus
errors if there is no such target device).

	- Thomas

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              <tmm@xxxxxxxxxxx>	http://people.FreeBSD.org/~tmm/
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