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[no subject]

For the developer side, FreeBSD is about doing cool things with the
operating system of your computer.  Making things work better/nicer, or
just experimenting etc.

I would say that over time, the corporate-type people have become more
influential in the project and the world has changed in such a way as to
make 'change' harder.

It appears that your bias is towards stability at the expense of
innovation (I realize that they need not be not mutually exclusive).
Other's bias is toward getting new features at the expense of some

In this particular case, the ata-drivers are a two-edged sword.  People
want them so they can hot-plug ata devices (especially raid devices),
which the new framework/driver allows.

One could argue that it might have been better to mfc earlier (ie right
after 4.5-R) or wait till after 4.6-R so that the most time possible for
working out these kinks could be used.  I dont know what factors
accompanied the timing of the MFC but I think that if we were going to do
it at all, we just had to pick a time and do it.  Never could all the bugs
be worked out between any two releases, even with the most optimal timing,
so if we want the new code at all, we just have to bite the bullet and
work with it.


Fred Clift - fclift@xxxxxxxxx -- Remember: If brute
force doesn't work, you're just not using enough.

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