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[no subject]

None of these issues appear to be style related; care to elaborate?

> And last I think difference in slow reaction on addition of new
> features/imporovement to Netlib (merging them to FreeBSD) is more
> result of lack of interest to such complicated (and already working!)
> code. So, let me some time and then you'll see "request for review", please
> give comments.

Right, that's why I'm suggesting a vendor maintained source, because
no one has enough interest to maintain it in FreeBSD.

> Even (1) is enough to understand that vendor import is just overhead
> because file will be taken out of vendor branch as soon as powerpc and sparc64
> arches comes to "make world" as it already has been done for alpha and ia64.

I would hardly be suggesting a vendor import if I thought we wouldn't
be able to leave it on the vendor branch.

Best regards,
Mike Barcroft

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