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Re: Any update on the JDK?

> What's the status of the native JDK for FreeBSD?
> Has the code passed the compatibility tests?
There was a little glitch with our Sun account to gain access
to the TCK sources.  This has been resolved and compatibility
testing is in progress.

>What do the licensing terms mean for vendors that would like to
>sell CDs or DVDs with the JDK included?

The main issue we have right now is figuring out how to present
a click-through type license to the user prior to their first
use.  For distribution from our web page, we've already developed
a mechanism to do this.  For CD distributions, the package might
need to be altered in order to ensure the click-through cannot
be circumvented.

Other than this issue, our licese allows the Foundation to distribute
our binaries to "OEMS who include them as part of a value-added product"
(e.g. you can't distribute just our binaries) so long as:

 o You don't modify the binaries in any way that would make them
   fail the compatibility suite.

 o You enter into Sun's standard trademark agreement and accordingly
   brand your "value added product" with the applicable Java logo.

Since the full text of our licese is confidential, we are still
in the process of composing the exact user and OEM license text.
The license text, including instructions for OEMs seeking to enter
into a trademark agreement with Sun, should show up on our web site
in the next week.


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