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The ATA problems appears to be fixed with Soren's most recent change.
This was the biggest holdup for 4.6.1.  We also have a successfull
package build for the point release.  However, in light of new
vulnerabilities, the security officers are going to merge in a few
more changes.  The so@ would like to call the release 4.6.2 in light
of these new additions and the fact that the RELENG_4_6 branch has
been called 4.6.1 for over 10 days now.

Please email re@ and so@ if calling the release 4.6.2 ISO would
adversely affect your business (i.e., you already have labels printed
that say 4.6.1?).

We are going to have to rebuild the packages with these new security
fixes, so we are again, at least half a week away from the release. ;(

     - Murray

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