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Re[2]: FreeBSD-4.7 & HP Proliant DL320


Вы писали 5 марта 2004 г., 4:26:10:

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BAM> If memory serves me right, stepan wrote:

>> We have problem with fan speed setting on HP Proliant DL320.
>> There is drivers (hpasm, cpqhealth) in standart soft foundation pack,
>> but they are created for non-BSD systems (RH-Linux, Caldera-Linux,
>> Windows). Where it is possible to find the driver?

BAM> You should ask this question on the freebsd-questions list. You will
BAM> probably need to be more specific as to what your problem is (like what
BAM> symptoms do you see).

BAM> Good luck,

BAM> Bruce.

HP ProliantDL320 has a fun system, that default run full stream and
creates a lot of noise. Problem in that the system does not find
ACPI devices or other similar devices which could operate with fan

Regards, Stepan