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Re: [ports-i386@xxxxxxxxxxx: gtk-2.8.11 failed on i386 6]

On Thursday 02 February 2006 20:25, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> Dejan Lesjak wrote:
> > Perhaps generating and removing cache files should be made responsibility
> > of fonts ports? IIRC quite some of them handle it already. That could
> > also avoid running fc-cache with default settings thus avoiding
> > fonts.cache-1 files under encodings.
> This is doable.  I could remove the cache generation and cleaning code
> from fontconfig once all font ports have been updated to run fc-cache
> themselves.  This would require all font ports to depend on fontconfig,
> though.

I don't think it should be mandatory for all the fonts. I can do it for fonts 
that come with either of X11 and of those bitstream-vera already does it. One 
can still install a font port after installing fontcache and if the port 
doesn't run fc-cache itself now, it will not have cache generated anyway in 
the present situation. Handbook already has note that running "fc-cache -f" 
is necessary after installing font.
The font ports can also check if fc-cache is present before running it or 
perhaps simply pipe error to /dev/null so I don't think there is need to 
explicitly depend on fontcache.
One thing that would be neatly handled by current situation is if cache format 
version would change, but that can be handled by UPDATING entry if it ever 
happens (or revisions of font ports could be bumped in that case which 
shouldn't be so horrible as they don't tend to take a lot of time to