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PERFORCE change 90532 for review


Change 90532 by alc@alc_home on 2006/01/27 23:42:15

	Introduce PG_CACHE.  Soon, the free and cache queues will be merged
	so that the buddy allocator has a greater chance of providing large,
	contiguous blocks of memory.  At that time, this flag will be used
	to distinguish "free" pages that still cache data (and belong to a
	vm object).

Affected files ...

.. //depot/projects/superpages/src/sys/vm/vm_page.h#7 edit

Differences ...

==== //depot/projects/superpages/src/sys/vm/vm_page.h#7 (text+ko) ====

@@ -194,6 +194,7 @@
 #define PG_WINATCFLS	0x0004		/* flush dirty page on inactive q */
 #define	PG_FICTITIOUS	0x0008		/* physical page doesn't exist (O) */
 #define	PG_WRITEABLE	0x0010		/* page is mapped writeable */
+#define	PG_CACHE	0x0020		/* page is easily freed */
 #define	PG_ZERO		0x0040		/* page is zeroed */
 #define PG_REFERENCED	0x0080		/* page has been referenced */
 #define PG_CLEANCHK	0x0100		/* page will be checked for cleaning */