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  1. @Regrann from @danielkordan - Awesome Antarctica ice towers. I took this shot from our zodiac boat. Placed Peter the great ⛵ in front of the iceberg for the scale. To the sense of it, our mast is 25 m tall. #Antarctica

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  1. @Regrann from @stevint - It's been a blast expanding the mountain abilities with a great group of people. Yesterday's multi pitch up EEOR sure was stunning. If it's not going to be winter it might as well be sunny. - #regrann

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  1. @Regrann from @jonburkholz - Hua Shan • China - One of the more interesting places I found surprisingly good espresso. Hua Shan (Mount Hua) is one of the five most sacred mountains in China and definitely worth a hike when visiting to Xian. #china #xian #asia