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cvs commit: distrib/cvsup/sup README distrib/cvsup/sup/doc-all releases list.cvs.en distrib/cvsup/sup/www releases list.cvs.en list.cvs.text

jdp         1998/03/26 18:09:23 PST

  Modified files:
    cvsup/sup            README 
    cvsup/sup/doc-all    releases 
    cvsup/sup/www        releases 
  Removed files:
    cvsup/sup/doc-all    list.cvs.en 
    cvsup/sup/www        list.cvs.en list.cvs.text 
  Back out the addition of "doc-all/list.cvs.en", "www/list.cvs.en",
  and "www/list.cvs.text".  Sorry Wolfram, I hope you don't hate me
  for this!  When I looked at it closely, I found some bugs, and more
  importantly, the structure of the new additions was not consistent
  with the existing organization of the collections.
  The main bug was that there were multiple occurrances of "super=xxx"
  in the releases files.  Only one is allowed.  The structural problems
  were as follows.
  These should have been new collections, rather than variant releases
  of existing collections.  We use variant releases to distinguish
  between different repositories (e.g., /home/ncvs vs. /home/lite2),
  and we use collections to distinguish between different subsets.
  Subcollections should not overlap each other.  But "www/cvs.en"
  and "www/cvs.text", for example, overlapped partially.  In general,
  the collections should be organized into a pure tree structure.
  I don't think it's appropriate to create a special collection or
  release just to eliminate the www image files.  Clients who don't
  want the images should use "refuse" files.  A stronger case could
  be made for separating out the Japanese versions, though I am not
  yet convinced we should do that either.  We don't do it for Japanese
  text in other parts of the tree, and we don't do it for the pc98
  stuff either.  Again, these files are easy for clients to block in
  their "refuse" files.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.16      +0 -3      distrib/cvsup/sup/README
  1.6       +0 -1      distrib/cvsup/sup/doc-all/releases
  1.6       +0 -2      distrib/cvsup/sup/www/releases