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Re: cvs commit: distrib/cvsup/sup README distrib/cvsup/sup/doc-all releases list.cvs.en distrib/cvsup/sup/www releases list.cvs.en list.cvs.text

>   want the images should use "refuse" files.  A stronger case could
>   be made for separating out the Japanese versions, though I am not
>   yet convinced we should do that either.  We don't do it for Japanese
>   text in other parts of the tree, and we don't do it for the pc98
>   stuff either.  Again, these files are easy for clients to block in
>   their "refuse" files.

But we do have say "ports-lang" in addition to "ports-all".  This could
also be added to the refuse file.

Thus can "doc-all" also be offered in its componates?
These being doc-handbook, doc-faq, doc-ja?

-- David    (obrien@xxxxxxxx  -or-  obrien@xxxxxxxxxxx)