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cvs commit: src/lib/libfetch - Imported sources

des         1998/07/09 09:52:45 PDT

  src/lib/libfetch - Imported sources
  Update of /c/ncvs/src/lib/libfetch
  In directory freefall.freebsd.org:/d/users/des/libfetch
  Log Message:
  Imported libfetch into the tree. It compiles, but there's still some
  work to do. I especially need help with the man page.
  Vendor Tag:	DES
  Release Tags:	start
  N src/lib/libfetch/fetch.h
  N src/lib/libfetch/http.c
  N src/lib/libfetch/base64.c
  N src/lib/libfetch/file.c
  N src/lib/libfetch/ftp.c
  N src/lib/libfetch/fetch.c
  N src/lib/libfetch/Makefile
  N src/lib/libfetch/test.c
  N src/lib/libfetch/README
  N src/lib/libfetch/ftp.errors
  N src/lib/libfetch/fetch.3
  N src/lib/libfetch/Makefile.test
  N src/lib/libfetch/oldftp.c
  N src/lib/libfetch/http.errors
  N src/lib/libfetch/.depend
  N src/lib/libfetch/ftpio.3
  N src/lib/libfetch/ftpio.h
  I src/lib/libfetch/CVS
  No conflicts created by this import