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cvs commit: src/sys/alpha/include types.h src/sys/i386/include profile.h types.h src/lib/libc/gmon mcount.c

bde         1998/07/09 19:27:16 PDT

  Modified files:
    sys/alpha/include    types.h 
    sys/i386/include     profile.h types.h 
    lib/libc/gmon        mcount.c 
  Added a kernel-only typedef (ptrint_t) giving an integral type that is
  least unsuitable for holding an object pointer.  This should have been
  used to fix warnings about casts between pointers and ints on alphas.
  Moved corresponding existing general typedef (fptrint_t) for function
  pointers from the i386 <machine/profile.h> to a kernel-only typedef
  in <machine/types.h>.  Kludged libc/gmon/mcount.c so that it can
  still see this typedef.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.6       +7 -1      src/sys/alpha/include/types.h
  1.15      +1 -4      src/sys/i386/include/profile.h
  1.14      +7 -1      src/sys/i386/include/types.h
  1.11      +11 -2     src/lib/libc/gmon/mcount.c